Saffron Coffee – Coffee that Tastes Good and also does good!

Saffron Coffee’s tagline is – We Believe Coffee should Not only taste good it should also do good. So, Saffron’s cafes are more than a place to enjoy good coffee and tea, they are a chance to give back to local coffee-growing communities in Laos.

Started in 2006 to provide an alternative cash crop to growing opium, Saffron today works in 4 provinces, supporting 25 villages and 800+ farmers.

Saffron has a perfect location overlooking the coffee-coloured Mekong River. The friendly staff and delicious food and drinks make Saffron a must when visiting Luang Prabang. Sit outside and watch life on the river slowly pass you by, or go upstairs to get some aircon and read some of the stories about the farmers involved in the project.

Whether you are after an early morning coffee (or tea!), brunch, lunch or a sweet afternoon treat, Saffron is the place to be.

For those needing a sweet, gluten-free choice, try the gluten-free chocolate brownie. Be warned the brownies are moorish!

Saffron is also famous for tamarind tart, which is almost a meal in itself! If you are not familiar with the tart taste of tamarind, then this apple tamarind delight is a delicious treat. Yes, it tastes as good as it looks!


And for those looking for gingerbread pancakes or mango french toast to kickstart your day, then Saffron has those too.

Saffron is open every day of the week and can be found here:

To learn more about the Saffron story and to find out how to join one of the tours to visit the coffee farmers, check out the Saffron Coffee website.

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