Hort Park Community Gardening

In my previous post, I wrote about three qualities that I loved about Hort Park. In this article, I return to one of my favourite topics, community gardening. In addition to the Nong Edible City Garden centre in the park, I also stumbled across community gardens.


I had not looked, ahead of my visit, to see if there were community gardens here and so it was a delightful surprise to find some.


I loved the variety of produce that was on display and all the local knowledge and techniques that were being employed to manage the issues of growing in such a hot and humid climate.


I am always filled with awe at the care and attention that growers bring to the art of gardening.

Singapore has a community gardening culture. There is an annual community garden edibles competition. There is also a community gardening festival which will be held from November 3-5 at Hort Park. If you are in the area, pop along to enjoy and celebrate the joy of gardening.

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