30 Days Wild Day 29 – Botanical Garden of Brussels

The Wildlife Trusts in the UK has challenged people to go wild throughout June this year. So for the month of June, I am blogging each day about a random act of wildness!

Travelling and wildlife go together. Landscapes, cityscapes and skyscapes all hold an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.  We can often miss the little pockets of wildlife that are all around us, and we pass by every day. So I am enjoying this challenge as a way to stay more present to my surroundings and to notice what wildlife already forms part of my daily life.

30 Days Wild Day 29 – Botanical Garden of Brussels

I am here in Brussels for the next couple of days working on a project to help design a vertical farm! Today, however, was a free day and so I visited the Botanical Gardens as I wanted to see what had happened to the beautiful building seven years on from my last visit to the city.

The answer is that it has been turned into a cultural centre with music, galleries and a bar. And for the record, there is a toilet available for a 50 cent fee.

The garden still looks as beautiful as ever and so here is a gallery of photos from today’s visit.

The Botanical Gardens of Brussels can be found at 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, and the nearest Metro stop is Botanique or a 10-15 minute walk from Rogier.

Next time you visit Brussels find some time to came and visit the garden and building.

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