30 Days Wild Day 12 – Duncan Terrace Gardens, London

The Wildlife Trusts in the UK has challenged people to go wild throughout June this year. So for the month of June, I am blogging each day about a random act of wildness!

Travelling and wildlife go together. Landscapes, cityscapes and skyscapes all hold an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.  We can often miss the little pockets of wildlife that are all around us, and we pass by every day. So I am enjoying this challenge as a way to stay more present to my surroundings and to notice what wildlife already forms part of my daily life.

30 Days Wild Day 11 – Duncan Terrace Gardens

As the 30-day challenge has progressed, I have visited more and more community gardens in London that I had previously not known existed. One community garden that I pass on my walk to work is Duncan Terrace Gardens on City Road, not far from Angel Underground station.

So, today on my walk home I popped into this secret garden to see what wildlife was around. I was charmed.

Here is a little bit about Duncan Terrace Gardens:

Duncan Terrace Gardens, London

The gardens are long and narrow and contain some types of wildlife from flowers to birds and insects. Here is a selection of what I saw today:

There was also another feature that caught my attention when I looked up into the tree canopy. Duncan Terrace Gardens – London Fieldworks Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven.

Installation in Duncan Terrace Gardens


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