30 Days Wild – Day 9 Woodberry Wetlands

The Wildlife Trusts in the UK has challenged people to go wild throughout June this year. So for the month of June, I am blogging each day about a random act of wildness!

Travelling and wildlife go together. Landscapes, cityscapes and skyscapes all hold an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.  We can often miss the little pockets of wildlife that are all around us, and we pass by every day. So I am enjoying this challenge as a way to stay more present to my surroundings and to notice what wildlife already forms part of my daily life.

Day 8 Woodberry Wetlands

Woodberry Wetlands is in the north of London and was previously known as Stoke Newington East Reservoir. It is an urban wetland nature reserve and can be found a short walk from Manor House Underground station.


Here are the views across the reservoir as you walk around.


In addition to the coots, ducks and swans and the reed habitat there is also a wildflower meadow and pond.


And this being summer some lovely flowers.


There is a cafe on site and plenty of seating with great views across the reservoir.

Location: Woodberry Wetlands Main Entrance via New River Path Lordship Road
London N16 5HQ


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