30 Days Wild Day 7 – Nomadic Community Garden Spitalfields

The Wildlife Trusts in the UK has challenged people to go wild throughout June this year. So for the month of June, I am blogging each day about a random act of wildness!

Travelling and wildlife go together. Landscapes, cityscapes and skyscapes all hold an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.  We can often miss the little pockets of wildlife that are all around us, and we pass by every day. So I am enjoying this challenge as a way to stay more present to my surroundings and to notice what wildlife already forms part of my daily life.

Day 7 – Nomadic Community Gardens Spitalfields

In urban areas, there are lots of under used spaces that could be transformed by creating wildlife havens and/or community gardens. So when I found out about the Nomadic Community Garden in Spitalfields, I decided to go and take a look. It was a beautiful June day, and the walk from Camden to Spitalfields was full of nature. As I blog each day, I am noticing that as I walk, I am primed to spot insects, flowers & bees, to see the smell of pollen and to hear the bird call.

Nomadic Community Gardens is about making wasteland grow. It is about creating places where biological, social and cultural diversity can all flourish together. And it is nomadic because everything from the art to the growing beds is transportable such that when the garden needs to move to a different site, it can do! The mix of street art and community growing makes this a colourful experience.

As soon as you arrive, it is a visual experience with the combination of street art and community growing creating a vivid experience.

The site of the community gardens is between two sets of railway lines, usually an under used site, and yet this site has now provided a great space for growing a variety of wildflowers (to attract pollinators), fruits, herbs and vegetables for the local community.

Nomadic Community Gardens can be found at Fleet Street Hill London E2 6EE. If you are coming from Brick Lane, then go to Allen Gardens and turn left to go through the underpass and you will see the sign for the garden.

The garden is open Tuesday-Sunday. Check the website or Facebook page for events and opening hours.

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