Grow Elephant Community Garden

Visiting the Grow Elephant Community Garden made my heart soar! The Community Garden is situated in Elephant & Castle, and this area is home to some of the poorest communities in London.

The project aims to address deprivation and demonstrates how gardening can be used as one way for people to be able to take positive action to improve their living environment. The pictures above and below illustrate how you can find spaces to create beautiful community gardens in urban environments.

The urban garden uses everything it can find as growing containers. This includes a toilet and a sofa (lovely ingenuity) alongside slightly more conventionally built raised beds, plastic containers and builders bags filled with soil.

The garden radiates colour from the scenic murals on the walls, of mountains, plants and animals, to the flowers and vegetables, of which the latter includes tomatoes and carrots.

Top Tip: Volunteers are welcome so if you are in the area and have free time check ahead and see if you can drop in and lend a hand for a few hours. You can find out ways to become involved with the project here.

The site also has toilets and a newly opened cafe so you can also drop in and have a look around then stop for a drink and a bite to eat while you take in your surrounds. It is likely that you will forget that you are in the middle of a big city.

The nearest tube station to Grow Elephant Community Garden is Elephant & Castle, and the project is located a short (less than a 10-minute walk away). The address for the project is 100 New Kent Road, London SE17 1SL.

Current advertised opening hours are Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 2pm-6pm.

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