About Me



I am Trish Cliff, the founder of TrishTravelFood. I am a traveller, researcher, travel coach & consultant, ‘storypreneur’, designer of edible spaces, urban farmer, and a cook.

I started TrishTravelFood to research, explore, connect and transform people, places and edible spaces through travel and food.

Trish has a simple plan to travel slowly. Along the way, I will be working with local food producers and community growing projects and tour operators. I will be meeting people, collecting stories, cooking and eating, growing food and designing edible spaces.

At TrishTravelFood, I believe that travel, food and storytelling create positive human connections that are both nourishing and fulfilling. I am seeking communities with edible projects, stories and recipes from the culturally significant to the family favourite. Where possible I will source the ingredients locally from community growing projects and cook a recipe with you!

Trish is currently working on developing partnerships with:

  1. Accommodation providers – to design edible spaces and input into CSR
  2. Tour operators – to design responsible guidelines for food tours
  3. Regions, towns and cities – to create edible food trails and to showcase local produce
  4. Local communities – to collaborate on projects to record & showcase local and heritage cuisine

Trish has twenty years of experience in research & consultancy to sit alongside an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management.

Trish is a member of the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) and part of the AVF Education Project Team as well as sitting on the Feed Leeds committee. Most Saturdays Trish can be found at the workdays for Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden or taking with street food vendors and local food producers.

Please get in touch if you would like help to design an edible food trail, want to learn how to showcase local foods, would love some regenerative coaching in nature, want a design for an edible space at your hotel, B&B, guesthouse or other accommodation …. or you just want to share or cook your favourite recipe with me! Trish[at]trishtravelfood.com

Projects I have been involved in:

Association of Vertical Farming online AV-F Academy – Ongoing

Our mission is to be a platform where people can get access to informational and teaching material as both text and video content, distributed by our partners in relation to vertical farming, hydroponics, permaculture, controlled environment agriculture, mushroom growing, aquaponics and insect farming.

Head Grower for a Community Interest Company, Growing Better road testing a salad growing enterprise. Growing Better are currently trialling controlled environment agriculture for micro greens and developing a community food growing site in Kirkstall.

Edible Growing Assistant at University of Leeds, growing & harvesting food from a sustainable garden and a roof terrace salad garden

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Applied Workshop: Gaudi Crypt, Colònia Güell, Barcelona – June 2016

A 3-day workshop project co-ordinated by Leeds Beckett University and Turisme de Barcelona. The aim of which was to produce a Draft Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP)for Gaudi Crypt and Colònia Güell, Barcelona. The plan was created following a number of face to face interviews with key stakeholders. This was followed by analysis of the interviews and the creation of a set of social impacts for the site. These impacts were then prioritised and an engagement strategy for stakeholders created.

Research Paper for the Balkans Peace Park as co-author with Dr Simon Woodward – September 2015

A review of the tourism potential of the area around Lepushe & Vermosh in the Northern Albanian Alps or Malësia e Madhe (the Big Highlands). A week-long field visit took place in early August 2015 at the behest of the Balkan Peace Park Project (B3P), during which time two representatives of the Tourism Department at Leeds Beckett University interviewed a number of local businesses and other stakeholders about their experiences of tourism to date and their aspirations for the future.

The purpose of the paper was to advise B3P and its partners of some of the barriers facing the development of tourism in the area at present and of opportunities for developing tourism in the coming years.


Pure Growth for Reflexologists – Pure Growth Books (2008)

“Now the same holistic approach you use to treat your clients is the key to building a thriving, profitable reflexology practice. Pure Growth connects you with all your unique talents, skills, life goals and inner wisdom to successfully grow your practice into the authentic and profitable profession you want it to be.”

Talks, Presentations & workshops 

September 2016 – Presentation on, ‘Food Tourism’ at the Feed Leeds European Capital of Food Culture Seminar

October 2005 – Presentation with Linda Bloom to Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors & Hypnotherapists of Australia on ‘Flow’